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PaymentsSource: Fast-Moving Startups Pressure Merchants to Add Business Tools to the Point of Sale

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  • November 02, 2019
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CardConnect’s Co-President of Partner Solutions, Michael Mertz,was recently featured in PaymentsSource’s PayThink column in an article called “Fast-moving startups pressure merchants to add business tools to the point of sale.” Michael discusses his views on merchants finding and building a digital environment and point-of-sale that is open, connected and able to evolve.

In the upcoming year, he predicts the industry will see an increased usage of B2B software providers. Merchants will use software providers to make their business processes easier, measure the impact of many business activities, and drive more efficient spending and communication.

These business owners are looking to maximize their integrations with the digital world but want to minimize their time getting up and running. The POS or B2B software application providers who have become one-stop-shops will be crucial.

1 Comment

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